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Family Support Programs

We support programs and services to strengthen families because children with supportive, nurturing caregivers are healthier and better prepared to succeed in school and life

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  • Family Support

    More families nurturing their child’s development
    Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. We bring families together to help parents learn ways to read, talk, and play with their children. Our programs provide caregivers with easy to use tips in English and Spanish.

    Learn more about Early Literacy

  • Family Support

    Improved family well-being
    We connect first-time moms in Sonoma County with the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) home visiting program. NFP provides the support new moms need to have healthier pregnancies, deliver healthier babies, and to better meet their family’s financial needs. Sonoma County NFP has served more than 500 families since 2010.

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  • Family Support

    Better connected services
    We connect organizations that serve families in Sonoma County so that they create greater partnerships and work together to provide families the full range of support services they need.

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