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Our Investments in Sonoma County

2009 - 2015

We invest in Sonoma County’s youngest children by funding programs and services that promote, support, and improve the early development of children from the prenatal stage through age five. We invest more than $4 million annually in the health, safety, and school readiness of Sonoma County’s youngest citizens.

First 5 is funded by Proposition 10, a statewide ballot initiative passed in 1998 that added fifty cents per pack to cigarettes and other tobacco products. The resulting revenues are allocated statewide to First 5 California and to a First 5 Children and Families Commission in every California county (based on birth rate).

Since 2009, the First 5 Sonoma County Commission has invested $25.3 million in programs and services.

Areas of Investment

2009 - 2015

Family Support - $11.9 Million

Early Care and Intervention - $8.5Million

Systems of Care - $ 2.5 Million

Health Services - 2.4 Million

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Top 10 Investments

2015 - 2017

Nurse-Family Partnership$1,733,334
Via Esperanza - Family Resource Center


Preschool Facilities


Quality Counts


Value in Preschool (VIP)


AVANCE Parent Education


The Consultation Project




Triple P Training


Watch Me Grow


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We recognize that community-wide commitment is critical to sustaining early childhood services.

As a trusted, county-wide leader in early childhood issues, we maximize our impact,  by prioritizing grantmaking with the potential for matching state funds, inspiring other funders to support key initiatives, and helping organizations build the capacity they need to secure future funding.

Money in hand

We have engaged dozens of funding partners who have invested millions of dollars in First 5-funded programs and priority efforts.

We have formed strategic partnerships with a long list of local funders, including: 

United Way, Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Catholic Charities, Community Foundation Sonoma County, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), Healdsburg Education Foundation, and the John Jordan Foundation

Each year, we work with other funders and grantees to leverage First 5 dollars to further support our programs and priorities. In 2012-13, we leveraged $1.9 million. 

Beginning in 2014, we have engaged the Sonoma County Funder’s Circle, convening ten funding organizations to generate financial support and collective commitment to early childhood programs.  

We promote policies and interventions that are prevention-focused and evidence-based. We closely partner with the County Board of Supervisors on the Upstream Investments Policy. We assist all of our funded programs in applying to the Upstream portfolio, increasing their visibility in the community and ability to communicate the effectiveness of their program to attract further funding.